What are Essential Oils?

Urban Veda products are enriched with beautiful, fragrant essential oils, but what are essential oils and what are the benefits?

Essential oil and herbal skincare ingredientsAromatic plants produce fragrant essences through photosynthesis. These naturally occurring essences attract insects which benefit the plant, (such as bees which help pollination,) and deter insects which may cause damage to the plant. When aromatic plants are distilled, the essences undergo subtle chemical changes and turn into essential oils. ‘Essential oil’ is often the term used to describe all aromatherapy oils.

All essential oils dissolve in fatty acids (such as almond oil or sunflower oil,) but will not dissolve in water. They are very concentrated and powerful and are therefore diluted before use in aromatherapy.

Essential oil and herbal skincare ingredientsHow do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils can be inhaled into the lungs and absorbed through the skin (e.g. through massage). Once inside the body, particles of the essential oil circulate around the body and demonstrate therapeutic benefits on different parts of the body. They can also have an effect on the mind – perhaps with uplifting properties or acting as a relaxant.

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