what's your dosha?

Our urbanveda ranges use a bespoke selection of natural ingredients designed to suit different skin types which in the principles of Ayurveda are associated with 'doshas'. This is the Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies in our mind and body. To find out your dosha, complete our questionnaire below.

Constitution Vata Pitta Kapha
Body temperature
Temperature preference
How would you describe your usual skin type?
How would you describe your skin type when you have flare-ups, is it:
How does your skin feel to the touch? (before using moisturising products)
What size are your pores?
Do you have any freckles or moles?
Do you have a tendency towards wrinkles? (compared to your peers)
How do you respond to being in the sun?
Describe your complexion:
Which best describes you skin tone?
Which best fits your hair type?
Body hair

Please note that our questionnaire result yields a guide to your dosha which may help you remedy some constitutional imbalances, but for serious health issues we always recommend you see a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

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